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Panel coder Technologies provides high quality Information Technology solutions in software and consulting services.Our goal is to provide solutions to clients and transform their businesses through top-quality, cost-effective business solutions. We specialize in providing services and people that help Businesses use Technology to improve their core business processes. We will continue to focus on helping in implementations, supporting activities, Analysis, planning, designing and managing the projects involving different technologies.

Panelcoder Technologies has top-notch consultants who can provide services in various State-of-art Technologies. We provide Onsite, Offshore and Onsite-Offshore based services with a group of Leads and Expertise in these areas.

Who we are:

Panelcoder Technologies is an Information Technology consulting company providing business solutions and services to mission critical technology needs. Our expertise in delivering cutting edge solutions enable clients to realize their strategic enterprise information objectives in a record time. Our solutions deliver scalability, performance and reliability that is fundamental to a competitive business environment. Panelcoder Technologies helps its clients improve the productivity of their business by building, re-engineering, enhancing and supporting enterprise applications


Our Vision

Our mission is to progressively realize our vision by providing innovative, proactive, efficient, cost-effective, quality solutions and services to our clients all over the world and by building a strong internal value system that provides the transparency and integrity in all the transactions among our employees, partners and customers.

Our Mission

To be a premier information technology solutions and services provider, by excelling in fulfilling the needs of its customers, partners and employees, by providing the most efficient and effective services and solutions, utilizing the best resources. We provide highly qualified and experienced Resources at a fraction of onsite prices. We meet any challenging schedule using our large pool of Offshore resources.

The methodology enforces strict adherence to adequate Documentation, Quality Control Processes and Client Communication.

Our Offerings:

We offer end-to-end solutions to the customers from Hardware to Software, Network to Live Remote-Support, Embedded Systems to Project Assistance.

We work meticulously to provide best in class Services.

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Our Services

Customer Application Development

Testing Services

CRM Services

Web Designin Services

E-Commerce Designing Services

Web Development Services

Mobile Application Development

Web Hosting

Online Marketing Services

Embeded Systems

Custom Application Development

Often, the software that suits your specific needs simply isn't available on the market. When packaged solutions and software aren't sufficient or flexible enough for your enterprise, panelcoder can custom-build to your specifications – efficiently and deliver on its promise of certainty.

Client Challenges:

* Ever-evolving business and technology requirements


What panel coder Provides

* Scalable and extensible architectures that supports 24/7 business availability for global customers as it reduces development cycles and risks to a minimum

* Time and cost-effective customized applications that help organizations address functional gaps and achieve business goals effectively

Business Value

* Greater flexibility for growth

* panelcoder proven highest-quality processes for solving complex problems, mitigating risks, and Achieving rock-solid ROI


What keeps you up at night?

Is maintaining competitive advantage becoming more difficult than before? There's a sea change in the way enterprises function and manage their customer relationships — the result of emerging applications on the cloud, the mobility revolution, and the convergence of computing, telecommunications, and broadcast. You have to stay on the cutting edge of complex application solutions, customizing new technology in a way that lets you both "run" and "change" your business.

Why should you consider panelcoder?

Comprehensive services: By employing a modular approach to the life cycle of design, development, testing, rollout, enhancements, and support — and by leveraging industry best practices and proprietary IPs, tools, and frameworks — we deliver change-the-business, run-the-business, and cross-functional IT services. Our solutions are scalable, robust, secure, and maintainable, so customers can depend on predictable performance from them. Global customers, including 100 companies on the G2000 list have leveraged our services.

Development expertise: Our custom applications development services are conceptualized, designed, and delivered by a team of highly adept enterprise/solution/technology architects, user innovators, design experts, and program management specialists with more than 2,500 person years of experience combined. Our industrialized global delivery (IGD) model enables customers to go to market faster and smarter.

Quality assessments: Many of our global customers have leveraged our ASSESS-SMART software quality-assessment services for application development, maintenance, and support transitioning. Through a host of automated tools, ASSESS-SMART experts measure quantitative applications source code across the enterprise covering multitudes of technologies and platforms. The approach assists in helping customers 'right size' the cost of application development, and transitions their enterprise applications for maintenance and support.

Robust and transparent framework: Our MaSCoT (managed services leading to continuous transformation) framework, which encompasses nearly all of panelcoders offerings, allows us to implement across key application support and maintenance engagements to deliver predictable services at a predictable cost with continuous improvements and value addition. It has over 40 well defined service elements which bring together almost all of panelcoders 'accelerators' (IPs and frameworks) into one logical framework. The framework also brings transparency to the customer on how the engagement will be executed.

Continuous improvement. We are continuously inventing and investing in robust methodologies, tools, processes, and partnerships, and in niche technologies for e-commerce, mobility, social media, and real-time analytics. As they leverage our extensive research and development on reusable components and frameworks, and our "Domain Academy," our customers continue to enjoy faster time to market.

How can panelcoder help you?

We offer a range of services that include:

* Application development and custom application development
* Application re-engineering and modernization
* Application management and operations
* Application consulting
* Application integration and migration
* Application support and maintenance
* Independent verification and validation

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